Digital Pack-Rat

Mar 09

Make a wish, darling. -

Sad but true.

Feb 17


Jan 30

I hate this guy. -

Not really but kind of bc I’m super jealous. This guy travels the world and shoots one second of footage in each location. [VIDEO]

Jan 13

(Source: photogenicsmag, via moonandtrees)

Jan 09

Mysteries of the Unseen World -

I love how smart we think we are but how things like this show us how little we really know…even about ourselves.

Nov 27

Firehouse - From the Chief -

You never know where you might find a good bit of advice! Just found this on a printer’s website that I was checking out!

Nov 23

[video] -

haha i forgot about this video. this is what i imagine Aaron’s little boy would be like if we ever had kids.

Nov 21